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ADHD Angel

Imagine an angel, a guardian looking over your shoulder, helping you with some of things that you struggle with because of your ADHD.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel works in unison with ADHD Angel, an app designed to help day-to-day life of someone with ADHD. Sync medication logs and mood ratings from ADHD Angel companion app

Convert 0870

Convert premium rate phone numbers to local alternatives. Search via phone numbers or text lookup

Fuel Cost

Calculate the cost of your journey, calculate MPG, as well as route planning


About Daniel Anderton
Passion for Design, UX & Platform Specifics

A successful iOS developer with experience in gaining a Top 150 charting application with apps for iPhone and iPad also reaching number one in their respective categories on numerous occasions. A multi-skilled technologist equally capable of working independently and as part of a team, on both the technical and creative side of development. Through personal projects and time in industry I have a firm understanding and passion for user experience, mobile based user interface design as well as the rest of the aspects needed within the technical side of a piece of software.

  • iOS

    iPhone, iPad, Obj C & Swift

  • Azure

    Azure architecture, Arm Templates, Azure Sql, App Service plans

  • ASP.Net Web API

    API, REST, C#

  • Web

    HTML, CSS, JS, Cordova, PHP

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